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$50,000 Lester Group Prize 

Marcus Callum - Abdul Abdullah, 2015 Winner

Artist: Marcus Callum
Subject: Abdul Abdullah
Title: Wrecking ball

Judges Comments: 

The painting is a compelling example of the possibilities of contemporary portraiture. While the sitter is outwardly recognisable, at the same time the portrait gives a very strong sense of a resourceful inner life and the sense of flux that characterizes selfhood. The artwork has been filtered and processed in a particularly inventive way. A very deliberate sense of perfected craft.

Dr Christopher Chapman, Helen Carroll-Fairhall, Dr Ben Joel

$7,500 People's Choice Prize

Jodi Daley - People's Choice Prize Winner


Artist:  Jodi Daley
Subject: William Badger Bates
Title: Carving new life into my country

Highly Commended Winners

 Olivia Samec - Highly Commended  

Artist: Olivia Samec
Subject: Ernst Samec

Title: Ernst Samec, architect, migrant survivor

Judges Comments: 

The personality of the subject really shines through. There is something about the gaunt, raw figure in the totally baroque setting, everything swirling in the same rhythm, which makes you feel that the artist knows the subject well. There is a strong but ironic connection between the whimsical style of the painting and the strong sense of mortality in the sitter. 

 Joshua Cocking - Highly Commended   

Artist: Joshua Cocking
Subject: Self Portrait
Title: Dinner Lament (three self portraits)
Judges Comments: 

A bravura painting, a compelling image with exceptional skills.  It is a contemporary surrealist Australian self-portrait.

$1,000 St John of God Health Care Online Voting Winner

 Jandamarra Cadd - SJOGHC Online People's Choice Prize Winner  

Artist: Jandamarra Cadd
Subject: Luke Carroll
Title: Storyteller

$1,000 H.U. Kendall & Co Art Gift Voucher Winner

Jerome Davenport - Nic Naitanui - HU Kendall & Co Winner

Artist: Jerome Davenport
Subject: Nic Naitanui
Title: Nic