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Lester Group Prize



Prize: $30,000 


Artist: Peteris Ciemitis

Subject: Robyn Archer

Title: Archer





Judges Comment:

This year’s award goes to a work which attracted all three judges who were extremely pleased with the incisive depiction of the sitter. The colours are subtle while the finer details are suggestive of the underlying structure of the sitter’s features. In addition there is that delightful essential which is the assured ability to draw. It was Michelangelo who maintained that before one could paint, one must be able to draw, which means that the artist has to be skilled in observation and engagement with the sitter. The painting invites the viewer to come in close as though to examine the landscape of the face.

Carl Altmann, Stefano Carboni, Helen Cook

Perrine People's Choice


Prize: $7,700 



Artist: Nigel Hewitt

Subject: Robert Juniper

Title: A Portrait of Bob




Highly Commended

Artist: Nafisa Naomi

Subject: Bryce Courtenay

Title: An Inkling about Bryce


Artist: Judy Rogers

Subject: Rob Cleworth

Title: Rob


Artist: Daevid Anderson

Subject: Self Portrait

Title: Who is Daevid Anderson?