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Lester Group Prize




Artist: Cassandra Burton

Subject: Peter Hughes 

Title: Resonance


Artist's Statement

It was in Oct 2002 that Peter’s life was forever changed in the first Bali bombing that killed 202 people. Peter’s ordeal was a feature of ongoing media attention with the 60 minutes and other current affairs programmes regularly reporting on his battle to survive the burns and the dedication of medical teams that fought to bring Peter back.

Peter has since participated in countless public speaking roles. Painting Peter was a highlight in my artistic practise. He is a genuine Aussie bloke with a great sense of humour and a huge heart.

Perrine People's Choice




Artist: Jana Vodesil

Subject: Peter Kennedy

Title: We are Listening


Artist's Statement

Painting for me is like looking into a mirror, it reflects my emotions. Enthusiasm, passions and beliefs. I am looking at myself through the subject I choose to paint.

I chose Peter Kennedy as my subject because the passion and enthusiasm for this work shows in his mannerisms and the way he communicates. That type of love for his work matched perfectly the love I feel for my painting. He was the perfect choice.