People's Choice Prize Winner

26 October 2016
The 2016 Amana Living People's Choice Prize Winner has now been announced.

The winner, as voted by the public, is...

...Artist Tom Macbeth for his portrait of Syd Kirkby MBE, an Australian surveyor and Antarctic explorer.

Tom Macbeth's portrait of Syd Kirkby MBE

Nearly 4,000 people voted in the $7,500 Amana Living People's Choice Prize, a record number of votes since the award's inception.

Coming in second was artist Brendon Darby’s self-portrait entitled Down by the River, followed by Ben Howe’s portrait of his younger brother Andrew, and Tessa McOnie’s portrait of her school friend Kimberley Benjamin.

Macbeth’s work is entitled Trailblazer:  “Attempting to capture the character and wisdom of a man like Syd is both daunting and humbling. As I paint Syd I can't help but imagine the shear determination and tenacity of a man in the 1950s exploring one of the most unforgiving environments on the planet by dog sled! I hope the portrait captures not only this tenacious character but also his wisdom coupled with his humble, soft, nature. A true honour to have the opportunity to paint his portrait!” 

Stephanie Buckland, CEO of Amana Living, said: “It’s been a pleasure to be part of the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture this year. Our residents and clients have thoroughly enjoyed working with the artists to learn both screen printing and portraiture, as well as taking in the exhibition itself.  For some it’s been an opportunity to experience art for the first time since school, while for others it has rekindled a passion for a hobby that brings creativity and joy.”

Thank you to all those who voted in the Amana Living People's Choice Prize this year. The winners of the family passes to "Unknown Land" have now been contacted via email.


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