By engaging in a community partnership with the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture, Amana Living was able to offer a series of portraiture and screen-printing workshops to over 300 seniors across Perth.

The workshops were run by professional artists and provided a truly unique opportunity for our seniors to express themselves creatively in a supportive environment.  

Please enjoy the video below.

The Amana Living Enrichment Program places a high value on activities that promote lifelong learning, choice and independence. It is our aim to offer a diverse range of enrichment activities that cater for a broad range of abilities, gifts and preferences. One of the most positive aspects of the workshops has been the way in which residents and clients with all levels of ability have been empowered to participate meaningfully. Individuals living with dementia, sensory loss and complex health needs have been supported to engage in the creative process.

Residents and clients, their families and Amana Living staff at the participating centres have all remarked how refreshing it has been to see something new and exciting on offer. In many of the workshops the excitement and energy has carried on throughout the day, and for us this is a great indicator of the success of an enrichment activity.

We have been so delighted to see the way in which our residents and clients have interacted in the workshops provided by the Black Swan Prize. The series has encouraged Amana Living residents and clients to try something new and step out of their comfort zone.  Our residents and clients have reported feeling a sense of achievement and pride in their finished pieces. Many of the artworks created during the workshops now hang proudly in the halls and rooms of our care centres for all to admire.

We would like to thank artists Danni McGrath and Leanne Pearson for their contribution to our residents and clients.

We are looking forward to expanding on the program in 2017 and thank the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture for their contribution to the enrichment of the lives of our residents and clients.

Emily Scarff

Manager Enrichment and Allied Health Services

Amana Living 

 Amana Living Partnership